Course description

The "Digital Literacy Basics in Bangladesh" course is designed to equip individuals with foundational knowledge of the digital realm, contextualized for Bangladesh. The course begins with an overview of what digital literacy entails and its importance, especially in the evolving digital landscape of Bangladesh. Participants will delve into the basics of computer hardware and popular operating systems. The course further explores efficient web browsing, emphasizing internet safety and the recognition of online threats. A significant portion is dedicated to essential software and productivity tools, focusing on prevalent office suites and cloud storage solutions. In the realm of digital communication, learners will familiarize themselves with popular social media platforms in Bangladesh, email etiquette, and other digital communication tools. The course also addresses mobile device navigation and emphasizes digital content consumption and creation. Finally, it wraps up by teaching participants about building a digital presence, personal branding online, and the basics of cybersecurity. By the end, participants will be well-equipped to navigate the digital world confidently and safely.

What will i learn?

  • Comprehensive guidance on leveraging popular platforms.
  • Proficiency in using platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, mobile devices, Google Assistant, and Google Maps.
  • Enhanced digital skills tailored to maximize the benefits of the platforms covered in the course.


  • Access to popular platforms: While not explicitly mentioned, it's likely that participants will need to have access to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and mobile devices to fully engage with the course materials.
  • A basic understanding of computers and digital platforms would be beneficial, but not necessary.

Frequently asked question

The course aims to provide participants with foundational knowledge in digital literacy, tailored specifically for the Bangladeshi context.

Digital literacy refers to the abilities and knowledge required to effectively navigate and utilize digital technologies and tools.

While computer literacy focuses on basic computer skills, digital literacy encompasses a broader range of topics, including internet navigation, digital communication, online safety, and more, contextualized for Bangladesh.

No specific prerequisites are required; however, basic familiarity with computers might be helpful.

Digital literacy plays a significant role in education, enabling both educators and students to access, understand, and utilize digital resources effectively.

While the provided information does not specify, many courses offer certificates upon successful completion.

The course covers practical aspects of digital literacy, including navigating popular social media platforms in Bangladesh, using office suites, and understanding mobile device navigation.

While specifics are not detailed in the provided sources, eLearning platforms typically offer mechanisms to ensure learners can overcome digital literacy challenges.

Yes, learners can expect resources like downloadable PDFs, quizzes, and discussion forums to further enhance their understanding.

The content is designed with a focus on the digital landscape, popular platforms, and digital communication tools prevalent in Bangladesh.

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